White Courrier Suite

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Product Description

Ref: 530814+530808: White Courier Wash BAsin + Full Pedestal Antares

The  Courier basin is a wall-hung basin, which also can be placed on the Universal Pedestal.

The basin and pedestal have a 10-year warranty on the ceramic products and offers a service to all clients for any factory-faulted items.
The basin set is SABS approved and has a sophisticated Betta design.
The pieces are high-pressure cast, which yield more uniform and consistent pieces.
The waste of the basin is 45mm and the overflow is 24mm.
The basin has 3 pre-punched tap holes, 1 in the center of the basin and 2 side tap holes, 200mm apart from each other.
These holes are easily broken through from the top of the basin using a ball nose hammer. (This must not be done from the top of the basin as it might breakthrough unevenly).
The piece has reduced carbon footprint if sold in South Africa as it is manufactured in the country. This will also ensure that all queries are resolved promptly and there is a continuity of supply.
The basin forms part of a family, which offers a complete solution to the customer, creating a uniform and well-designed bathroom space.
The basin set is installed easily, but we do recommend that you get help from a certified plumber.

Width 558 mm
Length 403 mm
Height 835 mm